Off Off Broadway, Hunger and Thirst Theatre at the New Ohio

Reviewed by Emily Cordes

BOTTOM LINE: Bluegrass-infused and female-forward, Monstress re-imagines Classic tales of heroes, villains, and beasts.

The last several years have brought humanity face to face with its own darkness—the pandemic and political turbulence have revealed the monstrosities we as a society have committed, generated, or condoned, as well as our capacity to vilify that which we cannot fully accept...As we seek the path forward, Hunger and Thirst Theatre’s bluegrass musical Monstress guides us to look to the past, using tales of antiquity’s most infamous female monsters as fresh sources of inspiration, wisdom, and empowerment...

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Space Nunz of the Rescue Mainframe
Off Off Bway, Hook & Eye at the Mark O'Donnell Theater
Review by Ed Malin

BOTTOM LINE: In the far future, a group of nuns on a spaceship sort through the remaining records of the 21st century.

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Welcome to Imagi*Nation
Off Off Bway, DanceAction at the Center at West Park
Review by Max Berry

BOTTOM LINE: A thoughtful, well-choreographed piece that falls slightly short on its urgency and interactive elements.

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A Little Life
Off Bway, BAM / Next Wave Festival
Review by Dan Dinero

BOTTOM LINE: Some of the most intense theatre to come to New York in quite some time, A Little Life can also be rather moving, even cathartic—if you can take it.

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The Gold Room
Off Off Bway, i am a slow tide at HERE
Review by Dan Dinero

BOTTOM LINE: You may never think of Grindr (or Tinder or Scruff) in the same way again.

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Melissa Etheridge: My Window—A Journey Through Life
Off Bway, New World Stages
Review by Adrienne Urbanski

BOTTOM LINE: A captivating (albeit lengthy) look at Melissa Etheridge's life and her struggle with grief following the death of her son.

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Off Bway, Manhattan Repertory Theatre at A.R.T. / New York Theatres
Review by Ed Malin

BOTTOM LINE: An accomplished female attorney has an affair with a younger male subordinate; complications ensue.

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