Off Broadway, Park Avenue Armory

Reviewed by Asya Gorovits

BOTTOM LINE: A heart-breakingly realistic play about the inhabitants of a temporary housing facility that celebrates love and humanity.

For LOVE, the vast space of the Park Avenue Armory's drill hall is “shrunk” to the size of a cramped communal space in a temporary housing facility. Some audience members are on plastic chairs that share the floor with the inhabitants of this gloomy establishment... This blurring of theatre and reality is at the heart of Alexander Zeldin’s play, which originated from interviewing and improvising scenes with people who lived in housing facilities in the UK...

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Washington Square
Off Off Bway, Axis Theatre Company
Review by David Kaufman

BOTTOM LINE: This new, pared-down adaptation of James's novel provides a pleasing diversion in under 90 minutes.

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Kissing the Floor
Off Off Bway, Axis Theatre Company
Review by Emily Cordes

BOTTOM LINE: A Depression-era adaptation of Sophocles’ Antigone, Kissing the Floor explores intergenerational trauma and the hidden costs of cycle-breaking.

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Conversations After Sex
Off Bway, THISISPOPBABY at the Irish Arts Center
Review by Shani R. Friedman

BOTTOM LINE: A moving, funny, erotic and hopeful look at intimacy, grief and connection.

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Pictures From Home
Broadway, Studio 54
Review by David Kaufman

BOTTOM LINE: A mixed-bag of a play, Pictures From Home features a great cast of Broadway stalwarts but also a script that is more collage than cohesion.

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Off Bway, Irish Rep.
Review by Regina Robbins

BOTTOM LINE: Beckett's dark comedy of 20th-century despair is proven timeless in the hands of director Ciarán O’Reilly and some of New York's best stage actors.

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Broadway, MTC / Samuel J. Friedman Theatre
Review by Ed Malin

BOTTOM LINE: Two famed artists, both deeply mistrustful, decide to work together.

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